Cool gift ideas from the Jimdo community

Home Decor | Art

Check out these cool website selling home decor, art and prints. Aren't they great Christmas presents? Give them to someone special or make your own home even cozier!

Things to Wear

Hand-made jewelry, beautiful accessories, baby clothes, nice hand-bags – You name it! Gifts from these website make your friends and family look stylish for sure!

Food | Drinks 

Let's taco 'bout food & drink websites today! We had some amazing entries in our "Promote Your Business" shoutout with a lot of tasty treats to choose from. 

Beauty | Wellness

Christmas decoration doesn't have to stop at the tree. Feel beautiful this Xmas or treat a friend with these wellness and beauty products.

Travel | Activities

Have a bad case of wanderlust? Scratch that itch with a present for you or a friend. We have some amazing Xmas deals for you.

Business Gifts

Got a new outfit for Christmas? Why not give your company one as well? These professionals will help you grow your brand in 2019.

Sports | Personal

Santa bench presses presents. The elves run snowy obstacle courses. And every reindeer is a 100-meter dasher (especially Dasher).  Feeling sporty yourself? Let these coaches challenge your limits


97% of all grandmothers say they have no Christmas wishes but secretly want a family photo. Ok, we made that number up, but don't you think your granny would love that photo?

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